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vlog16 mugged

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Yes, yes, after years of drought I’ve come back with fresh ideas determined to upload videos on a regular basis.
Every Monday you’ll have something new to watch!
In this Videoblog I explain why I haven’t been around here and why I decided to come back, all with a hint of comedy…
I hope you enjoy it!

Freaky Chinos!

by Joe! Posted in other videos | 3 Comments »

Scary Chinese kids – even their movements are planned and in sync! They’re like little robots!

Thundercats Remake

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I suppose one question springs to mind… Why?

It’s like a ‘chibi’ remake of the original anime… so why bother? To make money. Just like they did with the A-Team, Dragonball, next year Knight Rider and hundreds of others… So great. The legendary Eye of Thundera will now be associated with a cheesy kid’s film, forever losing its cach√©, for a quick buck.
Lion-o drops his kecks for money…

Video Blog 15!

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So, hello everyone!
Again, I am sorry for the delay, I haven’t posted in ages!
Firstly I would like to thank everyone for all of the comments that I have been receiving! They have been very supportive so THANK YOU!!!

O.k, well…the latest thing that I’ve been up to is moving to London.

Yep, I have moved to London!!! (I say ‘moved’ but it’s more like for an ‘indefinite’ amount of time, so I could end up returning to Spain, depending on how things go here in London.)
I am here to meet people and to try and find a job within the music industry. Whether it be writing, performing, producing,e.t.c… Whatever comes, I am open to all!

I will be trying to do more blog posts about my progress, but I’m not promising anything!

Video Blog 14! (With the chords to ‘Clean The Fan’)

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Well, it’s been a while! So, here is video blog number 14! ….or 15? No, it’s 14!
Thanks to everyone for subscribing to my youtube channel, and if you haven’t already, What ya doing? It only takes two secs!
Thanks, and enjoy!