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Thundercats Remake

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I suppose one question springs to mind… Why?

It’s like a ‘chibi’ remake of the original anime… so why bother? To make money. Just like they did with the A-Team, Dragonball, next year Knight Rider and hundreds of others… So great. The legendary Eye of Thundera will now be associated with a cheesy kid’s film, forever losing its caché, for a quick buck.
Lion-o drops his kecks for money…

Knight of the Holy Grail is Jaga!

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Whenever I see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade I’m always reminded of Jaga the Thundercat elder…
So I thought I’d just share that with the World…
Maybe that’s where they got the original idea? Who knows? Spielberg and Lucas, probably…

knight of grail jaga thundercats