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Munster Miracle Max Mash-up

by Jayme Gutierrez Posted in blogging | No Comments »

I would never have thought of relating The Princess Bride with The Munsters, until last night.
That was when I recognised Miracle Max as an aged Grandpa Munster.
So this clearly means – judging by the photographic evidence below – that Billy Crystal, who played both these characters, must be about 111 years old! Amazing! The proof is in the pudding.

grandpa munster is miracle max

Thundercats Remake

by Joe! Posted in blogging | No Comments »

I suppose one question springs to mind… Why?

It’s like a ‘chibi’ remake of the original anime… so why bother? To make money. Just like they did with the A-Team, Dragonball, next year Knight Rider and hundreds of others… So great. The legendary Eye of Thundera will now be associated with a cheesy kid’s film, forever losing its caché, for a quick buck.
Lion-o drops his kecks for money…