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Death to the Dinosaur feat Kim Dotcom

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Our latest big video is finally here! It was a project which required a lot of production work and very little time. But we worked hard and slept little, and just made the deadline!

If you look closely you might just spot the multi-millionaire Kim Dotcom creator of Megaupload who now brings us version 2.0 MEGA.

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Thanks a lot to our family for helping out in moments of stress. Without them it would have been impossible to finish in time!
And of course, thanks to all the YouTubers who helped by sending in their videos for one of the scenes!
It was great to be able to put faces to the usernames and even see I also have girl subscribers! :D

James Haslam
Micael Robles
Simon Dickerman
Ryan Goodwin
Zach Kaplan

Thanks to The Promo Bay

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I¬īm deeply touched after seeing how much you have supported me with my new work D.I.Y Myspam.
This song took a long time to finish and it’s video took us a couple of failed attempts but it was worth it.
Even though it was a lot of work it was fun. ¬°Enjoying your work is the best!

My most honest and eternal thanks to The Promo Bay for promoting me and for their comment on my video. Thanks also to TomSka for mentioning me in his Twitter and for subscribing! hee.
Talking about The Promo Bay, that website was censored in United Kingdom since yesterday. The cultural and entertainment industry feels threatened and shows its darker side again stopping a very productive independent artists promotional tool.

This video has sparked a bit of controversy about piracy and about whether or not it is a disguised ad.
To all those who doubt it, I ask you to take a look at my videos and listen to this song again to find out the truth for yourselves.

Rie-G: My sister and creator of my website drawings, channel and wallpapers.
And my sisters in law:
Tats: camera, colour grading and editing assistant. She works in Luxvideo.
Titi: Translator and subtitler.
As you can see, it’s all kept in the family ;)

Video Blog 15!

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So, hello everyone!
Again, I am sorry for the delay, I haven’t posted in ages!
Firstly I would like to thank everyone for all of the comments that I have been receiving! They have been very supportive so THANK YOU!!!

O.k, well…the latest thing that I’ve been up to is moving to London.

Yep, I have moved to London!!! (I say ‘moved’ but it’s more like for an ‘indefinite’ amount of time, so I could end up returning to Spain, depending on how things go here in London.)
I am here to meet people and to try and find a job within the music industry. Whether it be writing, performing, producing,e.t.c… Whatever comes, I am open to all!

I will be trying to do more blog posts about my progress, but I’m not promising anything!