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Tus dibujos en nuestro vídeo musical! РDraw something for our next video!

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Tus dibujos en nuestro v√≠deo musical! – Draw something for our next video! #competitionÔĽŅ

Send us a character and if we think it’s cool, it could be in our next big video l

Videoblog de esta semana!!!

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Videoblog de esta semana!!! Con un teaser avance de nuestro próximo vídeo musical animado : )

vlog16 mugged

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Yes, yes, after years of drought I’ve come back with fresh ideas determined to upload videos on a regular basis.
Every Monday you’ll have something new to watch!
In this Videoblog I explain why I haven’t been around here and why I decided to come back, all with a hint of comedy…
I hope you enjoy it!

Video Blog 15!

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So, hello everyone!
Again, I am sorry for the delay, I haven’t posted in ages!
Firstly I would like to thank everyone for all of the comments that I have been receiving! They have been very supportive so THANK YOU!!!

O.k, well…the latest thing that I’ve been up to is moving to London.

Yep, I have moved to London!!! (I say ‘moved’ but it’s more like for an ‘indefinite’ amount of time, so I could end up returning to Spain, depending on how things go here in London.)
I am here to meet people and to try and find a job within the music industry. Whether it be writing, performing, producing,e.t.c… Whatever comes, I am open to all!

I will be trying to do more blog posts about my progress, but I’m not promising anything!

Video Blog #13

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Unlucky for some; here is Video Blog #13! Just explaining what has been holding up my music-making recently…

Aqui est√° el (para algunos gafado) Video Blog #13! Solo para explicar lo que ha estao retrasando mi evoluci√≥n musical…