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Making of DIY Myspam

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If you are wanting to know more about D.I.Y myspam, here’s a video that explains a lot of little details! Imagenes from the first version of the video, links and references to obvious and not so obvious things, how the Mario sound bites were made, what colour hair Link has and lots more:

D.I.Y MySpam Music Video

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After all this time, I’ve come back from London and we’ve done a new and crazy music video.

This song is about all the people that are hoping to be found and survive (and maybe haver a success) with their songs or their videos or art or whatever they love to do. It’s about how to be success.

Thanks to the new technologies, we all can make ourselves heard. Internet is a fabulous way to promote our work and make money but like everything in this life, it also brings bad things like the fine line between promotion and spam.

It’s in your hands to decide if something deserves to be shared but I hope that you post it, share it, deal it, steal it, I don’t mind!
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