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Download or listen to my music – Descarga/escucha mis canciones

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In the music’s section of this site I’ve got all my songs to be listened but, as you all would have realized, they haven’t a great sound quality. This is due to the fact that I have had to compress them for them to be lighter and don’t have to wait a whole life to start sounding. Overall, thinking on mobile phones because here, in Spain, the data rates have a transfer limit per month.
Below I麓m offering severeal options: download, listen, buy or donation.
To listen and/or buy my music:

For those who wish to donate:

And for all who prefer to listen or download my songs with good quality:

Jayme Gutierrez – Cats And Rats.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Christmas Wrapping.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Clean the Fan.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – D.I.Y Myspam.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Limited Lives.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Death to the Dinosaur.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Dutch Courage.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Far From Home.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Loop Soup.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Mistletoe 2.0.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Passing By.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – The Rig Rocker.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – These Jewels.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Wompychew.mp3

Lyrics: http://www.jaymegutierrez.com/blog/lyrics/

D.I.Y MySpam Music Video

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After all this time, I’ve come back from London and we’ve done a new and crazy music video.

This song is about all the people that are hoping to be found and survive (and maybe haver a success) with their songs or their videos or art or whatever they love to do. It’s about how to be success.

Thanks to the new technologies, we all can make ourselves heard. Internet is a fabulous way to promote our work and make money but like everything in this life, it also brings bad things like the fine line between promotion and spam.

It’s in your hands to decide if something deserves to be shared but I hope that you post it, share it, deal it, steal it, I don’t mind!
Donating coins will keep us alive!
(If you want to DONATE):
(but you can BUY it on itunes)
MySpam NEW music video: tweet it!

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And of course, LISTEN my music