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Download or listen to my music – Descarga/escucha mis canciones

by Jayme Gutierrez

In the music’s section of this site I’ve got all my songs to be listened but, as you all would have realized, they haven’t a great sound quality. This is due to the fact that I have had to compress them for them to be lighter and don’t have to wait a whole life to start sounding. Overall, thinking on mobile phones because here, in Spain, the data rates have a transfer limit per month.
Below I┬┤m offering severeal options: download, listen, buy or donation.
To listen and/or buy my music:

For those who wish to donate:

And for all who prefer to listen or download my songs with good quality:

Jayme Gutierrez – Cats And Rats.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Christmas Wrapping.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Clean the Fan.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – D.I.Y Myspam.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Limited Lives.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Death to the Dinosaur.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Dutch Courage.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Far From Home.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Loop Soup.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Mistletoe 2.0.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Passing By.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – The Rig Rocker.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – These Jewels.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Wompychew.mp3

Lyrics: http://www.jaymegutierrez.com/blog/lyrics/

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