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How To Write A Song! 9

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Ok, well I’ve managed to do the vocals now!

I usually record several takes of me singing the whole song, before I start editing. But I don’t do the song the whole way through. I start with the verse over and over then move on to the chorus, e.t.c..
When I have them all down, and am roughly pleased with the performance, I then start comping.
(Vocal compositing or “comping” as I just called it, is basically taking the best bits from the various raw takes and editing them all into one master vocal track)
I never put the microphone away until after the editing because often I’ll find that, on some parts, I’m not happy with any of the takes! So I’ll end up re-recording those takes again. Now, I know I could just simply edit the takes that I don’t like by pitch-bending them or time-stretching them but I think that, apart from lowering the quality of the sound, it’s better and quicker to simply re-record them.

So anyway, now I can start writing the harmonies! Yey!

How To Write A Song! 8

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So, here are the lyrics…

1st Verse:

Oh no..
Here we are, just disagreeing,
Over one small thing that doesn’t really matter,
When you think about it clearly,¬†“You don’t” (I think I’ll have the harmonies sing that)
One more row, we’re both too stubborn,
maybe I’ll back down so I can agree with you,
Let’s be wrong together, A little joke there

Small fuss festers in between us,
We should take big step back, Just to see the bigger picture,
Don’t say you’re not too sure,
I swear there’s more,
So just slow down cos we’re still learning.. Meaning; “not too sure” on the¬†relationship. And “slow down” as in; take time to reflect on what’s important, instead of just arguing because the body is feeling angry.

1st Chorus:

Can’t you see what we have found,
Hard stone feelings forced into the ground,
Past is rock we stand upon,
Storng enough to build.. (a future on). Basically, the memories of all the good times that they’ve spent together should reinforce the reason to persevere through the hard times.

2nd Verse:

But you don’t want to hear,
The point that I’m trying to make is all so clear,
But you’d rather have another heated conversation,
And you still hold to a point even though you know,
I proved you wrong but you can’t let it go,
Because you don’t want to be the loser. ¬†Again, just another silly argument.
I told you once before,
I swear there’s more,
So just slow and learn…

2nd Chorus:

Can’t you see what we have found,
hard stone feelings join to make the ground,
Past is rock we stand upon,
Storng enough to build,
A future on…


Coz, We are learning,
through these turning,
twisting troubled times of hurting.
fighting, failing, falling, wailing,
trying re-conciliating,
There is so much more for us to learn…

Hannah.. (I put the word “Hannah” in there, purely out of laziness. I needed a two syllable word, so I thought that maybe it could be the guy talking to a girl called “Hannah”,¬†I think I’ll call the song “Hannah” just to make it seem more deliberate!)

3rd Chorus (Double):

Can’t you see what we have found,
hard stone feelings forced into the ground,
And it’s rock we stand upon,
Here to build a future on..

…Hard stone feelings forced into the ground,
And it’s rock we stand upon,
Strong enough to build..


So, I just need to record them and then I can start on writing the harmonies!

How Tow Write A Song! 7

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O.k, quick update; today I added some organ and electric piano.

Now the lyrics….

I often find them quite hard to do because I like them to flow with the song and now sound contrived, when I sing them.
I don’t like to put the stress of the syllable of a word in the wrong place, just so that it will fit into a verse. That is when it sounds forced.
Before I start looking at the rhyming dictionary, I need to know what I want to say. So I think about the line and then write it down in rough. Then I start to make it rhyme and fit to the melody.
I like to use thesaurus.com and rhymezone.com to help me with words, when I get stuck.

So, now I’m off to try and write. This may take a while…

How To Write A Song! 6

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Again I return, to let you all know a bit more about what I’ve been up to!
I’ve done all of the guitar!!!
(Just so you know, “Joe!” has also been filming some of my progress along the way, so you will also be able to see a video of the progress too! I’m not sure when he will have time to edit it though..)

I’ve done the intro guitar, some rhythm guitar and some extra guitar to beef up the piano on the verse, some distortion guitar picking with psychedelic delay on it and then some rhythm guitar with distortion for the chorus. Oh, and the ending bit of guitar, that fades out.

Luckily I didn’t have much trouble finding the tones that i wanted, so that sped things up a bit!
But then I was slowed down because I broke a string. And me being me, I had to change them all because the only replacement string I had was a 9 gauge, from a different pack of strings. The ones I had on were 10s.
That meant that all the parts that I record with the new strings are going to sound brighter than the parts that I had already done with the old ones and that the tone would also be thinner!
But fortunately all the bits I had already done were rhythm guitar, so they didn’t need to be that bright! And lucky for me, all I had left to do was the picking, and bright & thin is exactly what I want for cutting through the mix!
However, having new strings on meant that after every take I had to check the tuning. But it seemed to say in tune perfectly (that Gibson I won is amazing!).

I think the psychedelic delay, on the picked guitar, is going to end up causing a problem, when I start putting in more instruments because of the delay. Although, come to think of it, the delay is pitch shifted one or two octaves higher than the original pitch, so as long as I don’t have anything else going on up there then I should be alright. We’ll see..

I think that it is also going to need some organ on the chorus, to fill it out a bit. And I’m hearing some electric piano on the second part of the verse. Hmmmmm…..

Anyway, that’s it for now.
Stay tuned for more!

How To Write A Song! 5

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So, before I start, I bounce down the bass and then save the project under a new name, so that I can save on processor!
Now I have the bass, piano and drums all bounced down into individual stereo tracks.
Next stop guitar…

Again, before I start writing the part I need to search for the sound/tone..
I find that it’s much easier to compose a piece of music when I’m playing an instrument that sounds nice, or sounds nice when playing along to the track. I need to be able to appreciate and enjoy the sound. If I’m playing with old guitar strings on an acoustic guitar, it sounds dead and boring. But when I have a new set on, it sounds bright and interesting and suddenly I can hear all the detail in the note, making me realize that the simple song I played before I changed the strings is actually quite nice and doesn’t need to be made any more complicated! It makes me enjoy listening to it and that’s when I get the best ideas!
So, that’s another reason why it’s so important for me to get the right sound, not just to go well with the song, but to appreciate and enjoy listening to it, inspiring me to continue.
For this song I have decided to use electric guitar and no acoustic guitar, so…
Like the bass; I make a mono audio track and patch it through to a stereo group channel track, with GR4 on an insert and then I start messing around with effects!
I can spend a whole day or two, messing around with different amps and effects, just searching for the right sound! Now, in this song, I’m going to use the guitar to give the piano some more guts and at the same time not be too out front on the verses. Obviously I want the guitar intro to stand out because it’s going to start just with guitar, so I’ll make a different patch for the intro and for the verse. I think I’ll go for some heavier distortion for the chorus and some distortion guitar picking as well… ..maybe panned left, not sure.. So that’s another two patches.. Oh.. and one more patch for something that I have just heard in my head, that I think will go well! So, in total; 5 patches to do! …maybe 6..
Well, I’d best get busy…

Stay tuned!