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How Tow Write A Song! 7

by Jayme Gutierrez

O.k, quick update; today I added some organ and electric piano.

Now the lyrics….

I often find them quite hard to do because I like them to flow with the song and now sound contrived, when I sing them.
I don’t like to put the stress of the syllable of a word in the wrong place, just so that it will fit into a verse. That is when it sounds forced.
Before I start looking at the rhyming dictionary, I need to know what I want to say. So I think about the line and then write it down in rough. Then I start to make it rhyme and fit to the melody.
I like to use thesaurus.com and rhymezone.com to help me with words, when I get stuck.

So, now I’m off to try and write. This may take a while…

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