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How To Write A Song! 9

by Jayme Gutierrez

Ok, well I’ve managed to do the vocals now!

I usually record several takes of me singing the whole song, before I start editing. But I don’t do the song the whole way through. I start with the verse over and over then move on to the chorus, e.t.c..
When I have them all down, and am roughly pleased with the performance, I then start comping.
(Vocal compositing or “comping” as I just called it, is basically taking the best bits from the various raw takes and editing them all into one master vocal track)
I never put the microphone away until after the editing because often I’ll find that, on some parts, I’m not happy with any of the takes! So I’ll end up re-recording those takes again. Now, I know I could just simply edit the takes that I don’t like by pitch-bending them or time-stretching them but I think that, apart from lowering the quality of the sound, it’s better and quicker to simply re-record them.

So anyway, now I can start writing the harmonies! Yey!

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2 Responses to “How To Write A Song! 9”

  1. LeadersUnderBed says:

    I’m liking this blog series very much

    What pre-amp do you use?

    Is it true that it makes all the diference to have a good once?

  2. Jayme says:

    @LeadersUnderBed Thanks!

    I use the Liquid Saffire 56, so I have 10 pres to chose from.
    For this song in particular I just used the default ones because I haven’t had much time to experiment with different ones. Seeing as I already knew that the defaults were pretty clean, it seemed like a safe choice!
    ..And in answer to your question; yes and no. Having a good preamp will make a difference but it also depends on; your AD converters (Analog to Digital), your microphone, the resolution you record in, e.t.c..

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