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How to open a Hp Pavilion laptop/notebook!

by Jayme Gutierrez Posted in how to, music videos | 23 Comments »

It’s finished! It’s finally finished!
Here is a video about how to open (take apart, dismantle, get into..) your HP Pavilion Dv5 laptop computer!!

This is NOT a definitive maintenance video. I disclaim any responsibility for damage caused to any computer that has been taken apart, using this video as a tutorial, manual, explanation or guide.
Do not attempt to open your computer if you are not a qualified computer engineer.
Opening your computer can invalidate the warranty.
You open your computer at your own risk!

…Also, over-tightening screws or using the wrong size screwdriver can damage the screw heads.

HP Pavilion Laptop Fan

by Jayme Gutierrez Posted in blogging | 6 Comments »

Today my laptop core temp reached 95¬ļ C!!!!
Strangely, my BIOS doesn’t seem to think that the processor is over-clocking because it’s not automatically shutting down! But 95 degrees MUST be hot enough no?
The strange thing is that even after updating the BIOS, it still lets it get this hot!!

So anyway, I think that it’s time to open up the back and give the fan a little clean.. YEAH RIGHT!!! In order to get to the fan; you need to take the whole thing apart (keys, screen, EVERYTHING!!). Why is there not just a simple panel at the back that you can just unscrew and open!!!???

After looking at videos on youtube of people modifying their own fans and even burning holes in the back plastic, for better ventilation and seeing as my laptop is now out of warranty, I’ve started to think of what mods I could do to mine.
Apart from taking the whole damn thing apart and doing some of the mods that people have suggested, I’m also going to see if I can cut a hole in the back piece and fit some sort of home made removable panel, where the fan is, to be able to access it easier for future cleaning..

I start tomorrow… wish me luck!