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How to open a Hp Pavilion laptop/notebook!

by Jayme Gutierrez

It’s finished! It’s finally finished!
Here is a video about how to open (take apart, dismantle, get into..) your HP Pavilion Dv5 laptop computer!!

This is NOT a definitive maintenance video. I disclaim any responsibility for damage caused to any computer that has been taken apart, using this video as a tutorial, manual, explanation or guide.
Do not attempt to open your computer if you are not a qualified computer engineer.
Opening your computer can invalidate the warranty.
You open your computer at your own risk!

…Also, over-tightening screws or using the wrong size screwdriver can damage the screw heads.

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23 Responses to “How to open a Hp Pavilion laptop/notebook!”

  1. Hi Jayme!!!, great tutorial, can you make another about how to put all the parts back together? I think i mess up the inverse process in some point.


    • Jayme says:

      Thanks Pablo! Thanks for your comment!
      I’m afraid I won’t be making a video about how to put it back together :( You’ll just have to try and watch the video in reverse..

  2. Carolina says:

    haha WOW! this video shows your fantastic creativity, I love it! very good :)

  3. Raph says:

    Man your viral now, how awesomw :o living the dream ^^. Well, one of them. I watched your make a song vid your just an awesome guy doing awesome things and you remind me of my best friend, he has a set up just like yours kinda in his place and just does cool things all the time too. I hate my life. Well i dont hate it. It just takes so long. I write, but not as much as id like cause of work -_-. I know only 5 ppl id really call artist/philosophers but if i had a camera n things iddo this, what your doing except i dont really have anypractical skills. Like at all. But i feel better knowing there are ppl like you out there creating and i hope you are famous to money making from this. All the best man, i bet spain is awesome too. If you ever get down this way n you need a couch to crash on or whatever drop me a mial. later sk8er.

    • Jayme says:

      Hi Ralf!
      Firstly, I just want to say; Thanks for your two posts! I haven’t been getting many comments on my blog, which makes it a bit unsatisfying at times. But I guess I can’t expect everyone to want to comment..

      And Secondly; Thanks for watching my other video :D
      It seems like all the traffic to the ‘Clean The Fan’ video has come from blogs, so not many people are aware of my other videos :( But not to worry! At least everyone’s enjoying ‘Clean The Fan’. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to do so well, I mean the initial idea was for it to do well, but I never thought that it actually would!
      It all started with a fellow youtube friend called LoopinLoopin, who passed the link on to quite a well known blog, and from there on it escalated! “Thanks Loopin”

      So anyway, I’m so glad you liked the videos and hope you continue watching and enjoying! :)


  4. Raph says:

    I have friends who have had a series on tv and even a film, but then its just over. Its so hard to live from art it sux. My friend who you remind me of most has just song after song after song on his comp, hundreds. Thousands idk. He graciously makes music with me, but i couldnt do anything with out him. But most oflife is taken up with work and sleep. It annoys me greatly. Anyway its really late here, i just posted again because i always dont go to be till ive got no time left to sleep n iliked your videos enuf for 2 posts. Nite man. ^^

  5. fredo solos says:

    Just…. awesome !! Quite impressive, I delite this !!

  6. Brenda Tighe says:

    Someone at work gave our I.T. team the link to Jayme’s “Clean the Fan” video on YouTube. That is BRILLIANT — I loved it!! Catchy tune. Well played and sung — and hilarious. I loved the homage to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” at 2:40 into the clip.

  7. Brenda Tighe says:

    Hmmm….you have other stuff out there, too? OK, will have to check it out.

  8. Pet says:

    That. Was. Awesome.

    You, Sir, are gifted. May the world be kind to you.

  9. Betsabe says:

    Muy did√°ctico todo, si se√Īor… ¬°¬Ņpero c√≥mo has sido capaz de hacer una canci√≥n tan pegadiza sobre la limpieza de un port√°til?! Incre√≠ble… Enhorabuena, la canci√≥n es G E N I A L (aunque no te imagino cant√°ndola en directo, uff… ¬°cu√°nta letra!). :)

  10. carl says:


    Nice video that you created. it even had a catchy tune.

    BTW, you know where the source for the “Bear in mind” picture? Would like to make a wallpaper with it….

  11. Enna says:

    ¡Me encanta èsta canciòn! Muy buena!!

  12. Phil Ruse says:

    Great video. I dread to think what horrors lurk inside my PC!

  13. Daine Elio says:

    What a superb theme you have. your weblog articles are quite informative too! Thank you :)

  14. pedrolobo says:

    Dios mío, estoy enganchado a esta canción. Todos los días en cuanto me siento ante el ordenador lo primero que hago es ponerme el vídeo.

    A modo de curiosidad: ya tengo descargada mi primera canci√≥n de Jayme Guti√©rrez (¬Ņcon tilde o sin tilde?) y en mi biblioteca iTunes se sit√ļa entre Iron Maiden y Joe Satriani. Me parece un buen lugar.

    ¬ŅPara cu√°ndo otra entrega de ‘Flight os the Concords’… digo de ‘The show of Jayme Gutierrez’? (√©sta sin tilde, ¬Ņvale?).

    Eres genial, me has devuelto la fe en internet.

    PD ¬°no lo dudes! p√°sate a mac, tu vida ser√° m√°s simple aunque seas un poco m√°s pobre…

  15. Forreset says:

    This video is awesome. It actually helped me. I was trying to fix one of my friends HP laptop and needed to get inside to look at it. Normally I would pop the top faceplate off above the keyboard but it wasn’t coming out. I gave up and showed my friend your video. Then the video helped me realize that the top plate was screwed on through the bottom. I was able to go on and get inside of it. So thank you, although I have to admit that HP’s are the hardest laptops to take apart.

  16. 5 mistakes says:

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  17. Victoria says:

    Where is the next video of putting it back together?

  18. seamie says:

    I love your music, it would make a good single

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