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Do you know how I play “Passing By”? Here’s how!

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Do you know how I play "Passing By"? Here's how!ÔĽŅ

How to open a Hp Pavilion laptop/notebook!

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It’s finished! It’s finally finished!
Here is a video about how to open (take apart, dismantle, get into..) your HP Pavilion Dv5 laptop computer!!

This is NOT a definitive maintenance video. I disclaim any responsibility for damage caused to any computer that has been taken apart, using this video as a tutorial, manual, explanation or guide.
Do not attempt to open your computer if you are not a qualified computer engineer.
Opening your computer can invalidate the warranty.
You open your computer at your own risk!

…Also, over-tightening screws or using the wrong size screwdriver can damage the screw heads.