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CPU Fan Speed 6000 RPM! 2

by Joe! Posted in blogging | 2 Comments »

fuente alimentacion Introducing my brand new Desktop Power-Pack.
It’s Rubbish.
Its 4+4 12v CPU cable connector is wrong. If you have a powerful CPU you probably won’t be able to plug-in the extra 4 pin connector as it has the wrong shaped pins.
So… I had to cut mine off…
And replace them with an 8 pin connector that does fit.

cortar cables So now the CPU has the extra 12v it might need when put to work, but the fan still spins at 6000 RPM!

I then found out why… It seems the motherboard – regardless of CPU temperature sets the general fan speed to very fast – ranging up to over 6000, but once I had plugged in an auxillary fan it then went down to 4700! The amount of fans plugged into the motherboard is relevant to how fast they spin!
Q: Is your processor fan spinning too fast?
A: Try plugging in another auxillary fan.

Clean The Fan

by Jayme Gutierrez Posted in music videos | 4 Comments »

So, I sort of got distracted the other day, with this song..
It’s going well and I have all the lyrics done already! I’ve also done the drums, guitar, bass AND recorded the main vocal track, all in a weekend!!!! When I’m inspired and motivated, ideas come so fast!!
The trouble is that it uses up a lot of my time. Sometimes I get so involved that I go passed the hunger stage and then start feeling sick! But I’m a bit more conscious of it now and don’t let it happen as much…

Anyway, hopefully this new song shouldn’t take long. I’ve already started on the harmonies.
I’ve decided to call the song ‘Clean The Fan’ because it’s about my computer fan. Look at how dusty it is!
I had quite a job getting to it, that’s why I’m writing a song about it. I know, I know, the subject sounds petty, but me and ‘Joe!’ have got an idea for a video, that goes very well with it and it’s going to be a funny song that also has a little dig at ‘HP’, for a stupid design! So there’s that, for you all to look forward to!!!

CPU Fan Speed 6000 RPM!

by Joe! Posted in blogging | 1 Comment »

new pc The Tall One has just bought me the components for a Super-Video-Editing-Monster! But now after putting all the pieces together – the whopping cuad-core processor, massive Ati Radeon graphics card and fast and strong Gigabyte motherboard, and waiting for a hefty lightning storm to bring the beast alive, I’ve found it’s too alive! The processor fan spins at a staggering 6000 revolutions per minute (RPM) and I don’t know why!?? (the cpu temp is only at 30-40¬ļc).
So I’ve been going here a great forum, with really helpful people – to try and sort it out…

new pc Not sure if Frankenstein had this kind of trouble… What would he have done?…
Probably would have dunked it in a tank of electric eels…

No… That’s not gonna work…