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Clean The Fan

by Jayme Gutierrez

So, I sort of got distracted the other day, with this song..
It’s going well and I have all the lyrics done already! I’ve also done the drums, guitar, bass AND recorded the main vocal track, all in a weekend!!!! When I’m inspired and motivated, ideas come so fast!!
The trouble is that it uses up a lot of my time. Sometimes I get so involved that I go passed the hunger stage and then start feeling sick! But I’m a bit more conscious of it now and don’t let it happen as much…

Anyway, hopefully this new song shouldn’t take long. I’ve already started on the harmonies.
I’ve decided to call the song ‘Clean The Fan’ because it’s about my computer fan. Look at how dusty it is!
I had quite a job getting to it, that’s why I’m writing a song about it. I know, I know, the subject sounds petty, but me and ‘Joe!’ have got an idea for a video, that goes very well with it and it’s going to be a funny song that also has a little dig at ‘HP’, for a stupid design! So there’s that, for you all to look forward to!!!

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4 Responses to “Clean The Fan”

  1. titi says:

    Serás petardo!!! las canciones tienen que ser de cosas bonitas… de amor… de desamor… pero de ventiladores?! ainsss, qué cruz…

  2. adam says:

    hi, tell joe to check out on you tube…….
    *updated* How to build a DIY $100 Merlin-type steedicam camera stabilizer that really works. …….. tell him its alright but if we do it together copuld make it better. im back in jaen friday. come up and see us. nob jocks

    • Joe! says:

      Thanks dude, – I watched that video last week! – but I’ve just managed to find one already made for 95 Euros including packaging! I’ve just bought it so hopefully it’ll work!

  3. michi says:

    Having fan uh? :p

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