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How to SteamPunk your flash drive!

by Jayme Gutierrez Posted in making of | 2 Comments »

super punk key flash driveKeep your most treasured files safe and locked away on this steam-punk style key! “But Joe!… My life sucks, I’m really ugly and I’m really poor… I don’t have the kind of fortune needed to buy one of those…” That’s the best part! You can make it YOURSELF!* “-Huff-… But I’m dumb and depressed… I don’t have the kinda knowledge to work out how t-“ I will show you how RIGHT HERE! FOR FREE! “But I could never build-“ Shutup.

First you will need a pendrive/flashdrive/memorystick/flashdisk/dongle or whatevertheheck you wanna call it. Open it up and de-solder the 4 or in some cases 8 connections (there are 4 main connections, but you will have to also un-solder up to 4 other connections of the metal casing). Then get five other wires (or a piece of cable that already encases the 5 so it’s neater or tidyier) and solder them onto where the connectors went. steampunk pendrive connections Basically you’re extending the connections via 4 wires (and 1 earth) to the usb head connector.steampunk flashdrive

Do the same at the other end.
It should then look something like…steampunk flashdisk

Now, none of my inventions would have worked without a ‘key’ ingredient… It’s Cellotape time!
(to protect the bare metal components from the epoxy resin stuff – not sure if it’s conductive) — see below…

Here I also wrapped some pieces of thin wire in a circlet around the drive part (I twisted various wires to give the epoxy something to stick to like in modelling, but it might have been better to use very thick stuff, and just leave it bare – not cover it with epoxy…)steampunk memorystick

Now cover the thing in a 2 part epoxy resin, like “Chemical Metal” or something and wait for it to harden. Then sand, sand and sand it. Paint (first black) and then a highlight of your choice!
steampunk pendrive

Et Voila! Le Chan! Torre Eifel!
A SteamPunk key / flashdrive!
Make sure you study your computer’s usb connections before-hand to make sure it’ll fit…
Have fun destroying your device, and please don’t come crying to me… Unless it worked! Let me know if anyone out there in the CyberNet has dared risking kooking up their memorystick from this tutorial!
Let me know!


*Joe!™ will not be held responsible for you or anyone else frying, snapping or otherwise ballsing up their own or anyone else’s pen/hard/flash/floppy/memory stick/drive/drove/driven of any kind.