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Night Watch Bookylikey

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I’ve just seen a Book lookylikey (a bookylikey) – Terry Pratchett’s Night Watch cover (by Paul Kidby) is exactly like Rembrandt’s painting! I don’t know who this Rembrandt guy is, but he sure ripped-off Pratchett…

Terry Pratchett's

Shoe commission

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Yey! I’ve done another pair of shoes. This time a special someone asked me if I’d paint them a pair, they gave me the shoes and after doing a couple designs they chose the one they liked best.

Here’s a quick look at what was done and how. Huzzah!

First catch your shoes. You’ll find them grazing in high street shops in matching pairs. Approach slowly and with caution. Mind you don’t damage them as you wrestle them to the ground.

Here are the two fine young specimens I used.

Once I had a basic idea of what was wanted I drew the pattern to be painted to the actual size. Here’s a picture of the two designs that I prepared.

shoes art

I used a white pencil so the lines would show nicely when I traced the pattern onto the shoes.

I then painted them with the fabric paints that Joe! and the Tall One bought me.

Ironed them and Finito!

(Notice how I just flung the ironing thing in there? Like it’s not all that complicated? Iron a shoe? No worries! They taught me in Girl Guides…)

As for who the shoes are for, well I’m not going to mention any names, but…

Third comic strip

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Yey! Another comic! And it only took me absolutely-ages-because-I-keep-forgetting-to-draw-them. Hurrah!

third comic strip Jayme Gutierrez

New comic!

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Yey! I¬īve finally done another comic! Go me! A little sample of what a day in Joe!s life around Jayme is like.

editing video

Ribbons and cool hairclips

by the Really Short One Posted in blogging | 7 Comments »


Joe! and the Tall one have had to change their plans today as it¬īs started raining and so they can¬īt do their outside filming. Jayme is busy getting frustrated with this project he¬īs currently working on and I¬īm messing about with more things I bought in England. Mainly ribbons and the felt (which I already had) At the moment I¬īm wanting to make a hairclip, with a plain hairclip that I¬īm going to stick or sew something on.¬† I¬īm just trying out different elements for the time being until I find something I like. No sequins this time but I¬īm seeing bunnies again… Or maybe one bunny.

I get really annoyed with the prices in shops for nice hairslides and hairgrips and this opinion just got worse at a recent shopping trip. All I wanted was something simple and at a reasonable price, it was crazy! 2.50 minimum to five euro for an adverage hairclip! And then they were either really tacky or just incredibly boring.¬† That¬īs why I want to give this a go.

I went to various material shops and craft shops in England with that idea in mind. I bought a load of nicely coloured ribbon, buttons and fabric glue and I¬īm now setting to work. Wish me luck! XD

Once again I shower you with photos, something Jayme doesn¬īt do because he¬īs too boring. Yey!