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Night Watch Bookylikey

by Jayme Gutierrez

I’ve just seen a Book lookylikey (a bookylikey) – Terry Pratchett’s Night Watch cover (by Paul Kidby) is exactly like Rembrandt’s painting! I don’t know who this Rembrandt guy is, but he sure ripped-off Pratchett…

Terry Pratchett's

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2 Responses to “Night Watch Bookylikey”

  1. MuSubDe says:

    When I was in Amsterdan I saw the Remdrandt’s painting and I thought “It is inspired in Pratchets works”.

    The most surprising is that I thought that before Pratchet’s book was written.

  2. Joe says:

    Truth is that this kind of scene really lends itself well to Pratchett’s world… I can just imagine him staring at these kinds of paintings, dreaming up new stories… I wonder how many more there are out there?!!?


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