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Joe individually removing tiny bits of diced chilli

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from his pizza, at least he’s not rinsing it under the tap like he did with the buffalo wings…

Joe individually removing tiny bits of diced chilli from his pizza, at least he's not rinsing it under the tap like he did with the buffalo wings...

Photos of filming; “Pacto con los Angeles”

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Here are some photos of recent filming of the group “Presagio”. Videoclip soon to follow! (click on the photo!)
rodaje pacto

More behind the scenes

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The first scene with the monks in a smoky room was actually one of the last scenes we filmed (there were a few more, but close enough) It was certainly the last scene I appeared in. I was the monk who¬īs sat down, Jayme did the voice over later. He was actually the second monk. The scene proved surprisingly difficult to film due to the smoke machine, which was half broken and temperamental to begin with. The preparation took a lot longer then we thought it would and new problems kept arising, just after the smoke machine had let out another belch of head-lightening smoke. There wasn¬īt much ventilation in that room and we had to shut the door to get the cloudy atmosphere.
The cigarette that I stub out is actually a dog-end we had to scavenge around for as only our older brother smokes, and by the time we final got the take I nearly burnt my fingertips. Joe was behind the camera at that point as well as directing the whole thing, which actually means “make sure Jayme doesn¬īt get distracted” something that was very dificult considering Jayme was on a skateboard for part of the scene. Then the smoke machine died, only to come back to life at inconvenient moments, the table was at the wrong height, was the wrong size, the legs got in the way of the camera, the hoods of the cloaks were never in the right positions, the box kept clipping the edge of the table, the candles were melting away and Jayme was still messing about on the skateboard. Oh, Joe! how my heart bleeds for you at times…

Darryl is a black-Berry!

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Darryl (Craig Robinson, the Office u.s) is Matt Berry (Darkplace, Mighty Boosh etc…)
Draw your own conclusions, but the evidence is right there… Staring you in the face…
matt berry craig robinson

Behind the scenes

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Okay, taking a cue from the tall one I¬īm going to give you all some info on the filming of the pilot episode. The street scenes were filmed in the town near us. We couldn¬īt cut off the street so we¬īd have to film whenever there was a lull in the noise. We¬īd have to stop filming to let cars go by. Standing around in a bunny suit attracts a lot of attention and our town is small so by the next day everyone knew we were up to something. Some would stand on their balconies to watch :D The night time scenes we did really late, to avoid cars and noise. The tall one was filming and I was on the boom mic. It was so cold and we were shaking so badly, we really had to concentrate hard to not mess up the take. Poor Joe! was only in a windbreaker.
The police officer¬īs uniform was put together with a belt, walkie talkie, a cap and a jumper. Joe! printed out the word “police” on a couple of pieces of paper and we stuck them to the clothing with pins. The reflective jacket was what really sold it. Rachel, who played the police officer was really good about the whole thing especially considering her son¬īs english teacher walked past us as we were filming and had a good look at her. The next day everyone knew that too.
In most scenes with the Bunny I was the one under the mask. The mask itself was made by Joe! and Jayme with papier mache and covered with fur, which came from the lower half of the curadell bunny suit. The eye holes were covered with gauze to make them look white. The result was an amazing looking mask.
I couldn¬īt actually see much out of the eye holes, I could just about make out the edges of things if I tilted my head, this was made worse by the fact that i wear glasses. It was winter and the mask¬īs only breathing holes were the eyes, needless to say it got pretty hot in there so much so that my glasses would steam up. So I¬īd take them off; didn¬īt really help much considering I¬īm short-sighted. In the battery scene Jayme had to call out when I was near the door so I would know when to turn. And they laughed themselves sick when I missed. Come to think of it I hit into the wall more whenever I listened to Jayme…