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More behind the scenes

by the Really Short One

The first scene with the monks in a smoky room was actually one of the last scenes we filmed (there were a few more, but close enough) It was certainly the last scene I appeared in. I was the monk who¬īs sat down, Jayme did the voice over later. He was actually the second monk. The scene proved surprisingly difficult to film due to the smoke machine, which was half broken and temperamental to begin with. The preparation took a lot longer then we thought it would and new problems kept arising, just after the smoke machine had let out another belch of head-lightening smoke. There wasn¬īt much ventilation in that room and we had to shut the door to get the cloudy atmosphere.
The cigarette that I stub out is actually a dog-end we had to scavenge around for as only our older brother smokes, and by the time we final got the take I nearly burnt my fingertips. Joe was behind the camera at that point as well as directing the whole thing, which actually means “make sure Jayme doesn¬īt get distracted” something that was very dificult considering Jayme was on a skateboard for part of the scene. Then the smoke machine died, only to come back to life at inconvenient moments, the table was at the wrong height, was the wrong size, the legs got in the way of the camera, the hoods of the cloaks were never in the right positions, the box kept clipping the edge of the table, the candles were melting away and Jayme was still messing about on the skateboard. Oh, Joe! how my heart bleeds for you at times…

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    I remembered more as i wrote it :D

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