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How To Write A Song! 14

by Jayme Gutierrez

So I’ve finished the mixing!
I was quite annoyed because just at the final stages, when I was just about to do the final bounce down, I spotted a problem in the main vocal! Right at the beginning of the first and last chorus the word “can’t” is sung with a different vowel sound to the harmonies. I sing “cAn’t” (with an american accent) but the harmonies sing “cAHn’t” (with more of an English accent to it) so, when sung over the top of each other, it doesn’t gel together as well.
I should have sung it the same vowel sound as the harmonies.
Talking about accents..
I like to try and sing with an accent that feels comfortable to me and not ‘put on’. So sometimes bits come out sounding American. I don’t know why but sometimes it does feel easier singing with a slight American accent, even though I have an English accent. But I do have trouble with the words “can” and “can’t”. When sung with an American accent they both sound identical, except for the ‘t’, and it sometimes can be hard to hear the difference between the two, in a song. But when sung with an English accent it’s not just the ‘t’ that changes, but the vowel sound too, making it a lot easier to tell the difference.

So anyway, seeing as it would be a lot of work to fix the “can and can’t” problem, and seeing as I’m too lazy, I’ve decided to let it slide…

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