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Making Of “Jayme-G show -Part 3″
green screen police piano
bunnies dark city the family
casting practising curadell
joe! eating reading the scene
laptop shop green screen
casting pet shop owner street
real bunny, testing audio street pub
pet shop propietario tienda mascotas jaen SNOOPY MASCOTA

Rie-G Comics
DutchCourage comic 01 comic 02

The Making Of “The Pilot”
mp3 music player the pilot pic
skating mischiefs jay and canon camera

The Making Of “the Rig Rocker”
fighting recording reading
filming a fight rig rocker outtakes

“The Pianatron”
the best instrument: the pianatron
NewYork June 2009
new york recording new york studio

The Making Of Wompychew April 2009
grabando wompychew making of wompychew filming wompychew

Organ Jazz’s Gig 20 March 2009
playing jayme cantando
jay and joe jay guitar jay piano joe bajo
jayme gig concierto

jayme al piano drums ensayando con el violín

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