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Social Networks Update

by Jayme Gutierrez

In this post we’re gonna try and clarify the whole Social Network thing…
They are all run by me, Joe!, tats and Rie-G.

jaymegutierrez YouTube Channel

Rie-G also has a blog featuring her comic strip about the Jayme-G characters: JaymeGutierrez Comic

We had a Secondary Channel but have now decided to pack that in and focus on our main channel.
From now on the following channels and networks will nolonger be updated;
2nd Youtube channel TheChumpTeam (Twitter, Google+… ) that was created for all the small videos.

We wanted to connect more with the Spanish public, in their own language seeing as we live here, but it doubles up all the social networks (which just for one language there are far too many of) and we have decided to put all our eggs into one basket, join forces and level-up with awesomeness on ONE definitive channel JaymeGutierrez and try and cater for both languanges at the same time!


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