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Passing By music video

by Jayme Gutierrez

“Passing By” was written 4 or 5 years ago and it´s included in the album “Shut Up and Listen” but it has been remastered specifically for this music video.
It´s a song full of heartache for those all who have ever felt hurt.
But is also a reminder that we always have to move on with our life, pick ourselves up again, and keep on trying.

The video is about those games in which you have to learn what´s going on in each step of the game and if you fail in the process you have to start again, repeating everything until you learn the path to take.

It was recorded in Fuensanta de Martos, at the cliff face and also in a forest area, in Martos, near the VĂ­boras river. After the editing, we realized we needed some more shots to give more intensity so we had to record them however we moved to Cumbres Verdes (Granada) so that we could take the opportunity to visit our family and also because it was easier for our main actress to get around.

Here’s the video! Don´t forget to share it if you like it. Thanks!

Interesting links:
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– Lyrics (in Spanish or English) http://www.jaymegutierrez.com/blog/lyrics

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