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Jayme-G Show Pilot – Part 4 of 4

by Joe!

Here is the much-awaited final part of the Jayme-G Show Pilot!!!

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One Response to “Jayme-G Show Pilot – Part 4 of 4”

  1. ploie says:

    Hi Jayme, this is great! as a follow-up to my twitter comment(hahahahkhakhak)- i’m challenged when it comes to multitasking; i tried while watching the stadium’s current match, so i clicked your link when u dropped into my twitter screen and what a pleasant surprise. of course i missed rafa munching his banana, lol, if he ever did.
    Good to hear that ur site had a lot of hits at that time. i shld blip my fav song FarFromHome @ tonight’s men’s prime match. More people should hear it. i love that song, i’ve twitted it before. It sh’d help if you send 1 tweet too, at that time. Just a thought.

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