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Cats and Rats lyrics

Have you ever climbed inside,
To find out that your Mind’s Eye is blind?
Nothing lies where thoughts once grew,
Dark shapes strewn around the room.

Then you turn,
To your concern,
You see shapes you weren’t supposed to see,
Angry, dancing round your thoughts,
They’re surrounded by;

Cats and Rats in Bomberjackets,
Snake and Cake in Rollerskates.
Skirting round your best of thoughts,
So you can’t take them away.

Girls and Guns and Rubber Buns,
Silly String and Riamond Dings,
Warp Coherence, Madness sings,
So I can barely think.
So I can barely thin – K.

So I sit and wait and watch,
As these insane shapes play their games with my thoughts,
They’ll give up before I do,
“I’m a rock” and siege tower too.

But they don’t!
They go on!
Dancing around to a silly song,
They’re in my way,
And now my thoughts won’t grow.

Cats and Cake and Rollerskates,
Mice and Flies with Googly Eyes.
Skirting round my best of thoughts,
So I can’t take them away.

Poor Meat Cleavers, Angry Beavers,
Four Leafed Clovers, in a Grove.
Warp my Senses, Madness rises up,
And makes me want to go…

Run away…

To Spain.

Ahhhh Mioaw,
Las gatas cazan ratas, que no se escapan,
Ni las matan como yo.
Que no sé como huir.
Y no sé escapar,
Me temo que al final,
Tendré que luchar.

Now I stop, I turn to face them,
12 Noon, Showdown has begun.
Angry Beaver, leans in, meaner,
End fight scene about to come.

They attack,
I step back,
And they fall into my Common Sense.
Where my Reason changes them,
Into things, like;

Dictionrys and Book Sleeve jackets,
Paperweights and Cellotape,
Biro lids and Ink pen tips,
And Organizers full of Dates.

Folderclips and pencil-grips
Fountain Pens with golden bits,
All laid out in my Mind’s Eye,
But my inspiration’s gone dry.

I’ve turned Inspiration’s Sea
Into Stationary

But without them, my thoughts won’t grow,
So I’m gonna have to magically turn them back again and get along.

Cats and Rats in Bomberjackets,
Snake and cake and Rollerskates,
Skate around my best of thoughts,
I don’t need to take them away.

Girls and Guns and Rubber Buns,
Silly string and Diamond Rings,
Warp coherence madness sings,
So I don’t need to think.

I guess I’ve gotta learn to get along with Cats and dance with Rats.

– Joe!

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