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Video: How to write a song! 2

by Jayme Gutierrez

The piano has been recorded and now I’m ready to write the drum part.
…on a side note; this video has been edited by ME!
Enjoy :)

P.s; annoyingly, the video didn’t export in 16.9ths, like I told it to. Maybe it’s something to do with Sony Vegas 64bit, I don’t know why.. Joe! seems to be having the same problem.

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2 Responses to “Video: How to write a song! 2”

  1. Aunty Mazza says:

    So well edited! But some Joe! techie stuff missing I perhaps?

    Looking forward to the finished song, it is sounding g o o d . . . !!

  2. Joe! says:

    I know what the problem is at last!(concerning the squashed sizing of this video)
    The difference between PAR and DAR! Completely different things!


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