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Quick Shout-out

by Jayme Gutierrez

I like posting after Joe! …pushing his post down a peg, hee hee hee, he can get a bit boring..
I am starting to notice that the general subject at the moment seems to be about computer fans. So, sorry about that! The plus side is that we both now have clean and more powerful computers!!!! …meaning better video blogs! (Hopefully)

Anyway, changing the subject..

I would like to give a couple of ‘shout-outs’.
Firstly to the person who has been translating all of our posts into Spanish!! So thank you Titi!! (Who will, evidently, be translating this post ;P )
Today I had a little singing lesson with my cousin Helen Monks. She’s a level 2 SLS trained singing teacher (soon to be level 3) and has been giving me some advise and some exercises to do. She has just started a youtube channel; helenmonksvoice. So be sure to check her out if you’re wanting some singing lessons!

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4 Responses to “Quick Shout-out”

  1. ploie says:

    singing lessons! video algorythms should be helpful and affordable… great tip and say thanks to helen.
    video-how-to should be handy if/when i attempt to scare the h#%& out of myself ;-D

  2. titi says:

    Titi??? esa soy yo!!! jejeje, gracias por tu agradecimiento!!! ;)

  3. Helen says:

    i love your blog and now i’m in your blog!! THANKYOU ~ i feel priviliged but i’m not sure how to spell that.

  4. Jayme says:

    @ploie Concealed within the much appreciated comment, lies a small sum of encrypted information that somewhat confuses my understanding of the meaning behind the sentence… I’m confused.
    What is an algorithm, could you give me a formal definition? ..and how can I make it more affordable? ;p

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