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Far From Home Lyrics

Far From Home

I know, I’m too far,
From where I would like to be.
Although I’ve worked hard,
I can’t seem to find my home.

And I know what I need,
When green eyes remind me;
That I’m just so far away from home.

Don’t say, that it’s alright,
Don’t tell me it’s a case of patience.
’cause why the hell did you think,
It would help me to know?;
That I got more to wait;
That it’s not over yet.

I don’t know where I hide,
So find me…

And I’m sorry if I’m lifeless,
And I don’t reflect the sun.
But it’s hard to keep on moving,
When inside you’ve had enough.

When you feel you’re on your own,
Far from home.

So I’ll stand and I won’t fall,
For bad ways to turn this half to whole,
And I’ll find it so hard,
To turn down what I know won’t last.

I curse these green eyes that,
Hurt my heart, and bring to light;
That there’s still a long way left to go.

And it’s hard when you’re alone,
Far from home.

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