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CPU Fan Speed 6000 RPM!

by Joe!

new pc The Tall One has just bought me the components for a Super-Video-Editing-Monster! But now after putting all the pieces together – the whopping cuad-core processor, massive Ati Radeon graphics card and fast and strong Gigabyte motherboard, and waiting for a hefty lightning storm to bring the beast alive, I’ve found it’s too alive! The processor fan spins at a staggering 6000 revolutions per minute (RPM) and I don’t know why!?? (the cpu temp is only at 30-40Âşc).
So I’ve been going here a great forum, with really helpful people – to try and sort it out…

new pc Not sure if Frankenstein had this kind of trouble… What would he have done?…
Probably would have dunked it in a tank of electric eels…

No… That’s not gonna work…

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  1. Asesorias says:

    completamente de acuerdo, creo que entre todos podrĂ­amos mejor si nos lo proponemos realmente

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