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Shoe commission

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Yey! I’ve done another pair of shoes. This time a special someone asked me if I’d paint them a pair, they gave me the shoes and after doing a couple designs they chose the one they liked best.

Here’s a quick look at what was done and how. Huzzah!

First catch your shoes. You’ll find them grazing in high street shops in matching pairs. Approach slowly and with caution. Mind you don’t damage them as you wrestle them to the ground.

Here are the two fine young specimens I used.

Once I had a basic idea of what was wanted I drew the pattern to be painted to the actual size. Here’s a picture of the two designs that I prepared.

shoes art

I used a white pencil so the lines would show nicely when I traced the pattern onto the shoes.

I then painted them with the fabric paints that Joe! and the Tall One bought me.

Ironed them and Finito!

(Notice how I just flung the ironing thing in there? Like it’s not all that complicated? Iron a shoe? No worries! They taught me in Girl Guides…)

As for who the shoes are for, well I’m not going to mention any names, but…

Jack Black is Keri Russell!

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“-Keri Russell (Felicity, Running Wilde) is actually a shaven Jack Black in a wig. Celebrity genious Keith “Cheggers” Chegwin admitted this today, having long known this fact which started as a prank, but has been too embarrassed to speak out until now as nobody had found it funny…”

-The Daily Moon

jack black lookalike keri russell lookabitalike joe!

Third comic strip

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Yey! Another comic! And it only took me absolutely-ages-because-I-keep-forgetting-to-draw-them. Hurrah!

third comic strip Jayme Gutierrez

Sony Nex VG10

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Me and the Tall One have just bought this new camera! From now on we will be coming at ‘cha in Full HD and an amazing DOF (depth of field)!
Sony Nex
So far the camera has not dissapointed, very easy to get the files off the camera with usb connection very automated shooting settings including auto white balance and great quality.
I suppose the only down points – for anyone considering buying one – are;
*The view-finder doesn’t flip 180¬ļ
*The auto-white balance is a bit precarious (to be expected really)
*Because of the massive lens the camera is quite front heavy and can ache your wrist after awhile…
*Confusing options; you can have manual shutter speed (which fixes the framerate but automatically adjusts the aperature to compensate), manual aperature (which fixes the aperature but automatically adjusts the shutter speed to compensate), and an option to fix them both (which fixes them in place, but compensates automatically with auto exposure) – So it’s not entirely manual in that aspect.
*Also because of the tele-lens, when you zoom the built in (great quality) quad-mic picks up the noise.

Apart from these minor things, it’s an amazing camera for just 1600‚ā¨!!

New comic!

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Yey! I¬īve finally done another comic! Go me! A little sample of what a day in Joe!s life around Jayme is like.

editing video