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Not dead. No really.

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So, I felt that it was about time someone posted something. You know… considering it has been about 8 MONTHS since anyone posted… I am so sorry people, so sorry.

As some of you may know, Jayme went to England a while ago. He posted a couple of comments on Facebook before giving up, cause he’s rubbish like that. He twitted quite a bit, though. The first trip had a few complications so Jay decided to come back and go back to London at a later date, when things could be organized with more ease. Either way, he is currently in London again! And is still rubbish at posting. Also emails.

He’s been doing some adverts for radio an did the soundtrack for a T.V advert in Andalucia He will be coming back for Christmas and then returning to London at some point afterwards.

Joe! has been busy with various videos, and on Monday he will be filming the first division Granada F.C. He doesn’t yet know if he’ll be putting the results on youtube yet. Him and The Tall One have been setting up their own website which you can look at here: www.luxvideo.es You can see his new Hombres Solos music video, also the controversial (in Andalucia) UPA advert. Go check it out, he’s been a busy boy :D

I have become a little batman fixated on deviantart

And that brings us to a section I like to call: What Jayme Missed Out On…

layer cake

…because he doesn’t send emails. Or Skype.

Night Watch Bookylikey

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I’ve just seen a Book lookylikey (a bookylikey) – Terry Pratchett’s Night Watch cover (by Paul Kidby) is exactly like Rembrandt’s painting! I don’t know who this Rembrandt guy is, but he sure ripped-off Pratchett…

Terry Pratchett's

Munster Miracle Max Mash-up

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I would never have thought of relating The Princess Bride with The Munsters, until last night.
That was when I recognised Miracle Max as an aged Grandpa Munster.
So this clearly means – judging by the photographic evidence below – that Billy Crystal, who played both these characters, must be about 111 years old! Amazing! The proof is in the pudding.

grandpa munster is miracle max

Thundercats Remake

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I suppose one question springs to mind… Why?

It’s like a ‘chibi’ remake of the original anime… so why bother? To make money. Just like they did with the A-Team, Dragonball, next year Knight Rider and hundreds of others… So great. The legendary Eye of Thundera will now be associated with a cheesy kid’s film, forever losing its caché, for a quick buck.
Lion-o drops his kecks for money…

Knight of the Holy Grail is Jaga!

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Whenever I see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade I’m always reminded of Jaga the Thundercat elder…
So I thought I’d just share that with the World…
Maybe that’s where they got the original idea? Who knows? Spielberg and Lucas, probably…

knight of grail jaga thundercats