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Music Page Update

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More changes on the Website!
This time is the music section – we had all our music on the server so whenever we have a lot of traffic it would suddenly use up all of our bandwidth and the web would go down!
It’s no than elegant and professional but say hello to our new embeded Bandcamp player!!!

Social Networks Update

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In this post we’re gonna try and clarify the whole Social Network thing…
They are all run by me, Joe!, tats and Rie-G.

jaymegutierrez YouTube Channel

Rie-G also has a blog featuring her comic strip about the Jayme-G characters: JaymeGutierrez Comic

We had a Secondary Channel but have now decided to pack that in and focus on our main channel.
From now on the following channels and networks will nolonger be updated;
2nd Youtube channel TheChumpTeam (Twitter, Google+… ) that was created for all the small videos.

We wanted to connect more with the Spanish public, in their own language seeing as we live here, but it doubles up all the social networks (which just for one language there are far too many of) and we have decided to put all our eggs into one basket, join forces and level-up with awesomeness on ONE definitive channel JaymeGutierrez and try and cater for both languanges at the same time!


Passing By music video

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“Passing By” was written 4 or 5 years ago and it¬īs included in the album “Shut Up and Listen” but it has been remastered specifically for this music video.
It¬īs a song full of heartache for those all who have ever felt hurt.
But is also a reminder that we always have to move on with our life, pick ourselves up again, and keep on trying.

The video is about those games in which you have to learn what¬īs going on in each step of the game and if you fail in the process you have to start again, repeating everything until you learn the path to take.

It was recorded in Fuensanta de Martos, at the cliff face and also in a forest area, in Martos, near the Víboras river. After the editing, we realized we needed some more shots to give more intensity so we had to record them however we moved to Cumbres Verdes (Granada) so that we could take the opportunity to visit our family and also because it was easier for our main actress to get around.

Here’s the video! Don¬īt forget to share it if you like it. Thanks!

Interesting links:
– Buy or listen “Passing By”: http://jaymegutierrez.bandcamp.com/track/passing-by
– Lyrics (in Spanish or English) http://www.jaymegutierrez.com/blog/lyrics

Download or listen to my music – Descarga/escucha mis canciones

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In the music’s section of this site I’ve got all my songs to be listened but, as you all would have realized, they haven’t a great sound quality. This is due to the fact that I have had to compress them for them to be lighter and don’t have to wait a whole life to start sounding. Overall, thinking on mobile phones because here, in Spain, the data rates have a transfer limit per month.
Below I¬īm offering severeal options: download, listen, buy or donation.
To listen and/or buy my music:

For those who wish to donate:

And for all who prefer to listen or download my songs with good quality:

Jayme Gutierrez – Cats And Rats.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Christmas Wrapping.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Clean the Fan.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – D.I.Y Myspam.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Limited Lives.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Death to the Dinosaur.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Dutch Courage.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Far From Home.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Loop Soup.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Mistletoe 2.0.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Passing By.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – The Rig Rocker.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – These Jewels.mp3

Jayme Gutierrez – Wompychew.mp3

Lyrics: http://www.jaymegutierrez.com/blog/lyrics/

Mini avance del nuevo videoclip

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Algunos ya lo sabr√©is pero no estamos desaparecidos en combate; el caso es que hemos abierto un canal secundario biling√ľe con v√≠deos m√°s r√°pidos.

El canal principal no está abandonado. Estamos preparando el nuevo vídeo musical para el canal principal y tenemos un par más de canciones casi listas para los siguientes videoclips.

Por ahora, lo √ļnico que podemos ense√Īar del nuevo proyecto es esta imagen borrador pero estad atentos porque ya mismo estar√° todo listo : D

nuevo videoclip